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REEF Overview

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REEF:  Roosevelt Elementary Educational Foundation

REEF Mission

REEF is Roosevelt's nonprofit PTO dedicated to raising money from parents and the community to support the growing needs of our students, teachers and staff.  Our mission is to fund positions, programs and materials not paid for by the district or state in a way that improves the educational experience for every child at Roosevelt.

All Roosevelt Parents are REEF Members

As a Roosevelt parent, you are automatically a REEF member. Each parent’s volunteer participation is essential to continue Roosevelt’s tradition of excellence. REEF is a nonprofit organization, under IRS Code section 501(c)(3). Every dollar donated is tax-deductible. 100% of the funds raised for Roosevelt School stay at Roosevelt School.

REEF Funded Programs and Instructors  

Through a joint effort with the teachers, principal, parents, and REEF, Roosevelt sponsors curriculum specialists at all grade levels. REEF also supports Read with Roosevelt, cultural arts, the science fair, arts education and more. Several self-funded programs are also administered by parent volunteers for the benefit of our students: Fall Ball, Carnival, Spirit Days, Yearbook, Directory, and the After School Enrichment Program (ASEP).

REEF Leadership 

The membership votes on the election of the Directors as set forth in the Bylaws, the general budget and changes to the Bylaws. The Directors (a.k.a. Board Members) oversee the day-to-day operation of the foundation and make funding decisions based on discussions with the membership and recommendations by the principal. Parents interested in volunteering to be Directors (Board members) please contact

Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held approximately once a month, in the evenings, throughout the school year.  Attending the first REEF meeting, when the budget is discussed, is the best way to learn more about the special programs and events that are paid for by REEF. Free child care and translation is available at every REEF meeting.


To learn more, volunteer, or participate, please come to a REEF meeting or contact


Click here to make a tax-deductible donation. 100% of the funds raised for Roosevelt School stay at Roosevelt School.

REEF Documents

REEF Bylaws
REEF Request for Funds Form