Student Support Services

Roosevelt School has all services typically required in special education such as a speech and language therapist, a school psychologist, an occupational therapist and an adaptive P.E. specialist. Services for low-incidence disabilities such as services for the visually impaired students are provided by the district on an as-needed basis. In addition, the school counselor is available to assist students with their social and emotional development.

School Counselor

We have a school counselor and two doctoral students, who work under the supervision of a credentialed doctor, who work with students based on teacher and parent referrals. Parents must give permission for students to work with the counselor on an ongoing basis.  Among other things, the counselor runs social skills groups, conflict resolution workshops, and provides occasional presentations in the classroom. The school counselor’s office is just off the main office. The counselor can be reached by calling the main office.

Student Study Team

The Student Study Team meets monthly to address the needs of students who are experiencing academic/behavioral difficulties. The Student Study Team (SST) works with the classroom teacher and parents to develop an intervention/support plan. The team consists of the Principal, the child’s classroom teacher and parents, our Learning Center teachers and a teacher representative from the primary and upper grades. Additional staff such as the counselor and speech therapist may join the team as student needs indicate.

Special Education Services

Students who are eligible for special education services are supported at Roosevelt by our Learning Center teachers. A Parent Handbook explaining the SST process and Special Education is available. For more information regarding the Student Study Team and special education services or for a copy of a Parent Handbook explaining the Student Study Team and Special Education, please call The Learning Center at: Ext. 218.