School Site Council

The school site council improves Roosevelt's effectiveness through planning, budget allocation, and communication. 

Every school in the Santa Barbara Public School District is charged with having a Site Council. The purpose of the Council includes developing the comprehensive plan designed to improve the effectiveness of the school program; annually establishing a budget in response to the comprehensive plan; and developing a system for ongoing communication with parents, community members, the school staff and district school board.


The Site Council is comprised of five parents, three certificated staff members (teachers), one classified staff, and the principal.


In the fall, parents and staff members are elected to the council for two year terms. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mrs. Valeria Galindo at Ext. 2134.

Site Safety Plan for District

Please look over the school site safety plan.  It is a district template that we tailor to Roosevelt.  Feel free to email any input you might have.  We appreciate your time.