Cultural Arts & Family Nights

Cultural Arts Assemblies

The Roosevelt Elementary Education Foundation brings high-caliber cultural arts experiences to campus throughout the year. Assemblies cover a variety of genres and are inspirational, celebratory, informative and just plain fun!

Family Nights

Roosevelt Family Nights are free REEF sponsored events run semi-monthly. From Mission Rose Garden picnics to live performances, these fun-filled evenings are designed to celebrate community and family. There’s nothing to buy – just show up and enjoy!

Previous Cultural Arts Assemblies

David Novak – Storyteller
Bully Dudes – Anti-Bullying Mime/Theatre Group
Kids on the Block – Disability Awareness Puppet Show
Faustworks Mask Theatre
Boxtales Theatre – Popul Vu/Mayan Creation Myth
Science Education Center of California – Science Labs
David Novak – Storyteller
Cascada de Flores – Music/Storytelling/Dance
Zoo to You – Live Animals

Faustworks Mask Theatre

Faustworks Mask Theatre performed for grades 1-6 in December. This one-man show celebrated the history and many uses of masks and highlighted our use of body language and “figurative masks” (work clothes, make up, etc.) in our everyday lives. What’s more, it was very, very funny. Ask your child about this assembly!

Family Art Night

The December Family Art Night, Let It Snow, brought out the artist in all who attended! Large pieces of black butcher paper paired with a variety of white art materials were transformed into winter landscapes, cotton ball snowmen, blizzards and more. These whimsical creations decked the downstairs hallways of Roosevelt bringing seldom seen snow to another fabulous Santa Barbara winter!