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Logan McMurtrey-Banks

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, mostly in Goleta. I was apart of the Santa Barbara Unified School District world from K-12, with 1 year in Hope. I attended school at UCSB as an Undergrad and double majored in Ecology and Italian Studies. I then went on to get my Masters of Education at UCSB a few years later. 


I've been at Harding, Roosevelt and El Camino Schools. Each year an inspiring group of people come to my classroom and share the space for 9 months. I am blessed to get to know each and everyone one of them. I treasure being a teacher everyday and I know it is because my students remind me of the inspiring nature of discovery, the power of curiousity and the joy of attaining a goal. 


I've visited the cedar flanked door where Tolkien is said to have been insipred to write the Middle Earth stories.


Logan McMurtrey-Banks