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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund - Gets it Done!

The goal of the Annual Fund at Roosevelt is raise money directly from parents to help support critical programs and positions not funded by the State or District. While a public education is free, donations help make Roosevelt GREAT!  The money collected by the Annual Fund and other fundraisers at our school is managed and distributed by the Roosevelt Elementary Educational Fund (REEF).



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Every dollar you give helps provide your children with essential educational resources including classroom supplies, field trips and enrichment programs for every grade.  But by far the most expensive cost to REEF this year is funding our curriculum specialists.  The specialists assist our teachers and are essential to our success here at Roosevelt by allowing for smaller group instruction that directly improves reading, writing, and math skills for our children. 

  • This year REEF hopes to fund FIVE curriculum specialists to support our teachers.

  • Our goal for the Annual Fund is to raise $85,000 by October 15th to help pay for these positions.  Combined with other fundraising events, we need to raise a total of $200,000 by the end of the school year!

  • To reach this goal we are asking for a $500 donation for each child at Roosevelt.

While our suggested donation to cover the cost of all these programs is $500 per child, we realize that many families can afford more, and some less. Whether you give $5 or $500, every dollar counts! If you are not able to donate the full amount, please donate an amount that is comfortable for your family. No donation is too small and every donation is tax-deductible. 

How Do You Pay?

  1. Make an online donation now. Click on the “Automatic Billing” button above to make a one-time or monthly donation to support your child’s education. ($500 over ten months is just $50/month or $1.50/day!)

  2. Mail your payment or drop off a check (made out to REEF) in the main office.

    Roosevelt Elementary
    1990 Laguna Street
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Also, don’t forget to check with your employer for company matching to double your Annual Fund donation.

Let's do all we can to maintain the excellent level of instruction we have come to expect for our children. Please become a ROUGH RIDER today! Our children are counting on your support.

Levels of Giving 

Level Donation Amount Benefits
ROUGH RIDER $500 - $999 One line on a shared blue tile on the REEF Donor Wall!
COWBOY $1,000 - $4,999 INVITATION TO DONOR COCKTAIL RECEPTION plus three lines on an individual small white tile on the REEF Donor Wall!
RANCHER $5,000+ INVITATION TO DONOR COCKTAIL RECEPTION plus an individual large white tile on the REEF Donor Wall!

If you have not yet donated – PLEASE DO IT NOW.  Our goal is to raise $85,000 to support all the programs REEF currently has approved.

Our school and our children need YOUR donation NOW.

Thank you to all the Roosevelt Families who have donated to this year’s Annual Fund.

Let’s Get It Done!