Every day is music day at Roosevelt School!

Roosevelt has a comprehensive weekly music program led by a dynamic, full-time music teacher. In the dedicated music and practice rooms, students learn voice, strings, horns, winds and percussion to make music that drift into the courtyard. Students also give regular performances in the school auditorium for their classmates and proud parents.

Students in Grades 3 and 4  have a weekly group instrumental music lesson. Third graders learn the recorder and fourth graders learn the violin. Students are provided with their own violins for practicing at home. Fifth graders continue instrumental music instruction on an instrument of their choice. Sixth graders continue in the instrumental music program using the instrument they chose in 5th grade.

In addition, students have enjoyed additional special musical offerings, including the renowned Kid Pan Alley songwriting and performance workshop. Families are welcomed into the auditorium to watch the The Kindergarten Sing and Spring Sing performances.